Oh hey there ;)

Post-run greens a la whole foods stop

Soooo its been a minute! Let me recap the past few months 😉 June & July were going well running-wise. D & I had signed up for the Nantucket half marathon (which was my first race! and would have been D’s first half!), had a training schedule set, and we were running together consistently. Then a series of unfortunate events occurred: D fell while running, and subsequently hurt the same foot twice in a row hiking and then running again. The result? A fracture. For weeks he could barely even walk, it was not good… Quickly following that, we decided to put an offer in for a new condo, and it got accepted! So we had about 3 weeks total to sell our condo and wrap up the sale… Needless to say, that combination of events threw our training plan out the window!

Fast forward a few winding, stressful months and here I am now. D’s foot is healing well, though he’s not back running yet. We deferred to next year’s Nantucket half and to be honest- this year the race day was during BRUTAL weather, windy, cold, rainy (though nothing in my mind will ever compare to the 2015 Boston marathon weather… HA) and I’m not too sad I missed race day… well, just a little 😉

Today, we are moved into our new place, and loving it! And though I did keep up activity while “off” with a lot of walking, hiking, yoga, and a few runs in between. (I did feel bad running while D could barely walk… though great guy that he is told me not to be silly and no worry about it, it was still sad for me since I knew how happy running had made him before all of this happened)

I went for a run today and it felt good!! There is something about cold weather and running that just clicks for me… I wish I could explain it. It could be that ALL of my races have been cold weather races, that the majority of my training seasons have been fall/winter, or the mere fact that summertime is just too precious and one must diversify in sport and activity (I never thought I would say that!) 😛

My run today, was crisp, cool, short and sweet. But I worked up a great heart rate, and felt the pounding sensation and adrenaline rush that I have missed- that I have ONLY been able to achieve running, mind wandering free. Music playlist today alternating between Jeremih- Planez, and Pearl Jam’s -Alive… quite the variety indeed.

I don’t know what the next race I will sign up for is, but I feel like I’ve had solid time to focus on other wonderful things in my life the past 6 months. Hoping D’s healing process continues, and in the meantime- I am happy to be back and running 😉

Happy running guys!

Cohasset 10k – by the sea

Yesterday I ran the Cohasset 10k, which was exactly 2 weeks after the NYC half. So no biggie, right? Ha- well when it’s the one day it rains, snows, and is super windy all in one – yes it is a biggie! Needless to say, it ended up being a great time, wind and all. Cohasset is beautiful and along the ocean, I wanted to stop many times to take photos, but of course held back. (When are they going to invent a camera attachment that you can just whip our of your running armband??) I can’t wait to get back there in slightly warmer weather and take those photos 😉

I finished the race in good time, and we definitely had a nice post-race bloody mary & pizza situation 😉 Which is the best part to look forward to! Running with friends, and then celebrating together after, what better way to enjoy a race?

Having 2 races back to back was fun, but I was feeling under the weather almost immediately after the race yesterday, and came home craving a long bath, cup of tea, and these delish Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip cookies- recipe here.

Coming down from training, I will admit I am exhausted! I am truly looking forward to running for whatever distances I desire, and taking a break from the pressure of time and distance. I want to find myself the joy in running again, which though these past races ended up being much better than expected, I think I lose sight of that joyous piece from time to time during training, and I think it’s natural when you start to feel burned out. So when this happens, take a break, put away the training calendar and run and be active for you and your enjoyment. Taking a break from tracking each and every run helps me also to just relieve that pressure. But the joy of running! It’s real folks, that high is so real, and I can’t wait to get it without the pressure of training for a while.  This means scenic runs, stopping to take photographs, running with D, and other friends, and making it a more self-imposed work out.

Marathon monday is in just a few short weeks, and I can’t wait to get out there with signs, and support my strong amazing fellow Boston runners. Those signs are what helped carry me past the hard points last year and I can’t wait to encourage and cheer on my fellow runners.

Good luck to all those training! And for my fellow friends “on break,” enjoy running in the sunshine (hopefully it comes back soon in Boston!!)



How to travel… and run! And keep balance ;)

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